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What's your lucky colour in Thai?

Did you know that in Thai culture, each day of the week has its own colour?

It is said to be lucky if you wear the correct colour on the correct day, and many Thai people believe that the colour associated with the day you were born will be your lucky colour throughout life.

Monday: Yellow

Tuesday: Pink

Wednesday: Green

Thursday: Orange

Friday: Blue

Saturday: Purple

Sunday: Red

Yellow has become the colour most associated with Thai royalty. The late King Rama IX was born on a Monday as well as his son, King Rama X.

If you are staying any length in Thailand you may also notice that each prominent member of the royal family has a coloured flag to match the day they were born – Her Majesty Queen Mother Sirikit’s flag is blue as she was born on a Friday, and Queen Suthida’s is purple as she was born on a Saturday.

With all the colours around us, every day can be your lucky day when you visit PROJECT ARTISAN!

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