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Artisan Menu


Small Plates

1/ Spicy yellowfin tuna tacos    340 TBH

Sashimi AAA grade spicy yellow fin tuna, flour tortillas


2/ Chicken wings       190 TBH

Hatyai style, dalar flower


3/ BBQ eggplant      210 TBH

Baba ghanoush, cottage cheese, macadamia nuts, fresh herbs

4/ Marinated olives    140 TBH
Gren and Kalamatas, chili, orange, thyme, Artisan bread


5/ Cured Seabass     220 TBH

Cured local seabass, cucumber, dill and mustard sauce

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT

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POKE Bowls

6/ Norwegian salmon POKE        390 TBH

Marinated salmon


7/ Yellow fin tuna POKE      390 TBH

Marinated tuna

8/ Vegan tofu POKE   290 TBH

Marinated tofu

*POKE bowls include Japanese sushi rice, seaweed, edamame, greens, tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, carrot, avocado salsa and spicy mayo

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT

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9/ Chilled spicy Asian Gazpacho   240 TBH

Goat cheese, chili and Artisan bread


10/ Mixed green herb      240 TBH

Orange supreme, rocket, onion, citrus vinaigrette


11/ Caesar      270 TBH

Cob lettuce, parmesan, housemade croutons

Add chicken  100 TBH  / add tiger prawns 240 TBH /
Add yellowfin tuna 240 TBH


12/ Beetroot      280 TBH

Feta, pumpkin, avocado, rocket and pumpkin seeds


13/ Goat cheese curd      360 TBH

Tomatoes three ways, olive dust

14/ Spring Mix      530 TBH

BBQ prawns, spinach, avocado, snap peas, cottage cheese, vinaigrette


15/ Thai pomelo      250 TBH

Pomegranate, coconut, sprouts, shallot


16/ Smoked salmon      370 TBH
Dill, cream cheese, capers, shallots

17/ Mushroom     280 TBH
Red wine, truffle, toasted almonds and thyme

18/ Tomato      240 TBH
Cream cheese, parmesan, basil, balsamic


Price for mix of 3 pcs      280 TBH

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT

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Artisan Ceaser Salad.jpg
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Burgers & Sandwiches


19/ Angus Aussie beef burger      570 TBH

Ciabatta bun, caramelised onions, mixed potato tempura chips, red tomato salad and artisan sauces


20/ Vegan black bean and red rice burger      430 TBH

Ciabatta bun, caramelised onions, mixed potato tempura chips, red tomato salad and artisan sauces


21/ Fried chicken sandwich      350 TBH

Ciabatta, cucumber kim chi, cabbage, spicy mayo


22/ Double artisan hot dog      310 TBH

Two chicken hot dogs, cheddar sauce, pickled onions and spicy pepper, tempura fries


23/ Artisan margherita      370 TBH

Buffalo mozzarella, imported provolone, parmesan, baby tomatoes. Add prosciutto 420 TBH

24/ Spicy salmon laab       420
Mozzarella, chili, mint

25/ Chicken tikka      360 TBH

Tika marinated chicken, pickled onions, curry sauce, coriander, yogurt


26/ Chorizo      380 TBH

Spanish chorizo, mozzarella, provolone, tomato sauce


All prices are subjected to 7% VAT



27/ Artisan tagliatelle      490 TBH

Assorted seafood, piri sauce, parmesan

28/ Zucchini pasta      330 TBH

Tomato sauce, zucchini, cream, parmesan

29/ Soba noodles with seared ahi yellowfin tuna     490 TBH
Pan fried spinach & greens, sesame oil dressing

With tofu 280 TBH

From the Sea


30/ Local sea bass filet      410 TBH

Beetroot, spinach, butter sauce


31/ Tiger prawn chorizo skewers      890 TBH

Piri sauce, mini flat bread

32/ Norweigian salmon      490 TBH

Salmon filet, herb crust, black quinoa, lemon vinaigrette

From the Land


33/ Lamb koftas     560 TBH

Lamb kofta with Tzatziki raita, flat bread, pickles, coleslaw

34/ Baby back ribs      590 TBH

BBQ spicy ribs with vegetables


35/ Coconut chicken breast      490 TBH

Coconut crusted cutlet, mango chili salad


36/ Grass fed Australian lamb chops      1,500 TBH

4 French cut chops, mashed potato, BBQ vegetables, sauce & butter


37/ 100 day grass fed Australian tenderloin      1,300 TBH

Double baked potato, spring onion, sauce & butter

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT

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Thai & Thai Inspired

38/ Tom yam goong      450 TBH

Spicy lemongrass lime soup with local prawns, mushrooms and tomatoes


39/ Bamboo chicken steak      450 TBH

Free range boneless quarter, green mango salad


40/ Thai massaman curry      420 TBH

Northern style chicken curry, steamed rice


41/ Salmon tempura salad   470

Lemon grass curry based salad, Norwegian salmon, steamed rice

42/ Grain fed Australian Angus spicy beef salad   890

Australian sirloin, cucumber, tomato, onion, spicy chili dressing, steamed rice

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT

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43/ Fried potato wedges      100 TBH

Double cooked potatoes, local sea salt


44/ Double baked potato     100 TBH

Local sea salt


45/ Tempura fries      130 TBH

Classic, sweet & purple potatoes in tempura butter, Aioli dip


46/ Steamed rice      60 TBH


47/ Fire roasted vegetables      140 TBH

Extra virgin, cracked pepper, local sea salt


48/ Mixed green herb      160 TBH

Herbs, greens, rocket, onion, citrus vinaigrette


49/ Mixed mushrooms      220 TBH

Hon shimeji, eringi, button, white wine, garlic


50/ Black quinoa      190 TBH

Eringi mushrooms, asparagus, black quinoa

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT



Choose from :

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Salmon
Fish fingers

With choice of

Steamed rice
Potato wedges

All sets coming with
home made tomato sauce, BBQ corn, steamed and fresh veg
additional meat 60/pc THB

#2 Kids MINI BEEF Burger 220 THB
coming with
potato wedges, home made tomato sauce, BBQ corn,
steamed and fresh veg

#3 Kids Pasta 220 THB
tomato sauce with parmesan

#4 Kids Margarita pizza 240 THB

All prices are subjected to 7% VAT.

We reserve the right to amend our menu at any time.

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