Eclectic food with soul

We love simple, wholesome and colorful food not only to nourish our body but also our soul. Eating amazing food is however not where our mission ends…. That’s actually where it all only begins!

We believe that food presented in beautiful way served in balanced inspiring place can actually heal. That is the reason we created Project Artisan so simple and earthy food can be enjoyed in beautiful lush and breezy surrounding inspired by local way of life. Casual and contemporary to suit the island life welcome to Artisan Garden Eatery & Bar …

Think local street food classics, variety of western flavours, sandwiches & salads and many dishes designed by our guest Chefs from all around the world and you know what we LOVE.

We take great pride in every aspect of dining and INSPIRATION is our mantra. If we inspired you with our colorful breakfast box to pursue your passion, reminded you to play more while spending balanced time with people who matter, we achieved our dream!


Artisan Spots



Open daily from 11am to 11pm

Our breezy outdoor and indoor oasis with garden views from every corner is open for All day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner offering what we call "farm chic" cuisine full of colours, flavour and S.L.O.W food vibe. Think mango granola bowl, avocado toast, artisan bread , variety of salads, colourful poke bowls, charcoal BBQ dishes, artisan pizzas and burgers, best of Thai classics and famous street food, vegetarian and vegan choices and ice cream lollipops. Our menu is eclectic mix of local classics, diversity of our community, journeys of our Chefs, owner's vision and general love of food shared with those close to your heart! 

Artisan BAR


Inspired by rubber tree plantation and farming history of Phuket countryside, Artisan Bar is buzzing with colours of freshly squeezed juices during the day but always ready to serve sundowners when the time is right. With great selection of local and international spirits, extensive wine list and amazing cocktails to start the evening, good dinner or snacks can also be enjoyed while serving up local draft and international craft beers. DJ's are playing most of week nights which makes Artisan Bar simply the place "TO BE" if you are visiting this part of Phuket!

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